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The Pulse of Dubai is a show for everyone who is in love with Dubai. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything Dubai where Asa Ferreira and Margaret Herde discuss all the trending and exciting events happening in the city. Here the discussion spans from what are the best tourist attractions in Dubai to which businesses are trending in the city today. To make these conversations even better, Asa and Margaret invite new guests every week who are also prominent thought leaders in their respective fields. So, tune in to Pulse of Dubai every week and never miss a beat of this great city that is brimming with innovation, fashion and diversity every day.



Asa Ferreira 0:21 Hi guys, I’m Asa Ferreira.

Margaret Herde 0:23 And I’m Margaret Herde .

Asa Ferreira and Margaret Herde 0:24 And we are thrilled to be your host for the show.

Margaret Herde 0:27 Guys want to say welcome to our episode zero.

Asa Ferreira 0:30 I’m so glad we’re finally doing this. Margaret, we’ve been discussing this for a while, and I’m excited to finally go live.

Margaret Herde 0:37 Oh, yes, that was a journey. But finally, also we are entering the world of the podcast. So guys, we promised to give you extraordinary content, you know, something where you’re going to find very inspiring people around, which we’re going to have here for the interviews, and they’re gonna share with you their stories.

Asa Ferreira 0:59 Yes. So our endeavor through this show is going to be sharing with you insightful conversations from thought leaders across different industries in Dubai, and cover the best of what this paradise we now call home has to offer.

Margaret Herde 1:15 Oh, yes, from this cosmopolitan city, which is the home for more, I think, more than 200 nationalities, and handful of most innovation startups and much more.

Asa Ferreira 1:25 We’re going to be your one stop guide to living, traversing, thriving and getting to love Dubai. So before we go any further, here’s a little bit about ourselves. Margaret, would you like to go first?

Margaret Herde 1:37 Let me go first. So I started my career 18 years ago, and PR communication was always something very dear to me. During my career, I worked with more than 30 luxury brands, several high net individuals. And that’s a part of my service about personal branding, how to create your personal image. So I had the great pleasure to also coordinate their media communication. I spent several years in London, where in 2018, I established the Ember group consulting company where we cover the world of luxury education and artificial intelligence with our co star client, Sophia robot. I was coming and going between Dubai and London for a while and in 2019, I decided to move here and today I proudly call Dubai my hometown.

Asa Ferreira 2:34 That’s such a nice and interesting journey with so much to learn from. I started off my entrepreneurial journey in the year 2015. With SocioLoca, a digital marketing agency that I founded back in India, it’s been over six years and SocioLoca has expanded across three countries, from I’d say, a hard fought endeavor of one to now a close knit family of many. I traveled between India and Dubai until 2019. And I was fortunate to have so many opportunities here to expand and grow. And so in the year 2019 was when I thought what better time to branch out. What better place to branch out to celebrate half a decade of being able to chase this journey. And so that’s when I made the move to Dubai.

Margaret Herde 3:19 Oh, Asa, did you notice actually, we moved here in the same year?

Asa Ferreira 3:24 Yes, we both launched here at the end of 2019. I think there was a good time to launch just pre pandemic.

Margaret Herde 3:30 Exactly. So exactly two years ago, and that was such a perfect move guys before pandemic lockdown. I think we can easily say it’s not because we are living here. And we have our companies here, but it was the best time to spend the lockdown.

Asa Ferreira 3:45 Yeah, I agree. I think it was very well planned, well managed. And yeah, we were fortunate to be here during the time with our businesses still running.

Margaret Herde 3:55 Absolutely. So thank you, Dubai. Thank you actually, to the government. So you might actually be wondering for who this show is for so we can say it’s primarily for the people who are interested and are looking for some extra knowledge about Dubai.

Asa Ferreira 4:14 Yeah. So whether you’re new here, whether you’re planning on coming here for work, starting your business here, learning about government regulations, or just learning about the hotspots for the best places to travel to, or the upcoming events we’ve got you covered.

Margaret Herde 4:29 Oh, yes. And I think when people think about Dubai, and they are from abroad, and they would like to establish their business. Obviously each new city brings fantastic opportunities, but also the advantage and I think both of us are great to ask for how to establish the business in Dubai and what is the right way to start with. So definitely you can expect in the next few episodes, little bit insights about our journey.

Asa Ferreira 5:01 Yes. Without giving too much away. We hope to see you guys tune in for Episode One.


[0:16] Asa and Margaret tell us the reason behind creating The Pulse of Dubai

[1:16] Margaret’s introduction

[2:13] Asa’s introduction

[2:58] Asa and Margaret talk about how they started their entrepreneurial journey in Dubai.

[3:34] Asa and Margaret tell us about who will benefit from this podcast.

[4:41] The end

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Show notes

Ever wondered what life is like in Dubai?
What are the various challenges and regulations you have to go through to start a business in Dubai?
What are the best places or events to visit and attend while in Dubai?
The Pulse of Dubai answers all these questions as our hosts, Asa Ferreira and Margeret Herde, take you through different aspects of what Dubai has to offer and what keeps the heart of this Luxe metropolis beating all year round.
In this Episode 0, We introduce you to our lovely hosts.
Give you a glimpse of what The Pulse of Dubai has in store for you and who it is for. Tell you how our podcast will help you establish a successful professional career in Dubai.
In closing, we’d like to say thank you for tuning in to The Pulse of Dubai this week. We hope to see you for Episode 1.